A story LIKE

Whether you want me to lurk in the shadows unnoticeably + be a fly on the wall snapping candid shots or be right up the front, rounding everyone up for group shots. I'll be whoever you need me to be on the day. Either way, I'll be behind the camera, not missing a beat.

Hand on my heart, every ounce of my energy will go towards creating a gorgeous collection of shots to memorialize your day forever. Then, when you rewatch your video, memories will come to life, and it'll be as though you're right there doing it all over again.

From stolen glances to cheeky kisses and getting loose on the dance floor, I'll be there to document your love story (and all the fun bits). I'll even get the authentic moments that may have slipped by unnoticed - they're my absolute favorites!

Why I can't wait to Film your day


Package add ons with RAW, unedited footage from certain parts of the day. 

+ RAW Footage Option

Delivered straight to your home with all your videos on it. 

+ Wooden USB with Video

A Vimeo link you can access anywhere and anytime. You will also be able to download your video from here. 

+ Online Video Link

A curated video to celebrate the highlights from your day. Starting at 8 minutes in length 

+ Highlight Video

From morning to night - starting at 8 hours, tailored to your schedule. 

+ Full Day Coverage

Whether it's via Zoom/FaceTime, We'll chat to meet one another and then one month before the wedding to make sure all our dreams + visions come to fruition. 

+ Pre Wedding Catch Up


PAckage investment averaging at $3,000


"We had so much fun and are so grateful we chose the best videographer. Kayla made everything easy and made sure to capture the specific details we desired. Watching the video back, we can feel the joy of our day. Thank you, Kayla, for giving us more than we could have ever expected!!"

Entire wedding CEREMONY

RAW footage of the

Your wedding ceremony will feel like a blur, trust me. This is a way to remember every moment from when you say "I Do."

A video of your entire wedding ceremony, from start to finish, will be shot on one camera and delivered to your home on a USB. 

VOWS + Speeches

RAW footage of The

A video of your vows to each other + footage of all the toasts/speeches given at your reception - a fun way to remember the sweet words your favorite people said about you on your wedding day.

Also, this is great footage to have if you and your partner write personal vows to each other.

ADD - On's



one story

No story is one and the same. Yours will be finessed to share your unique journey.

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